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Because we all do better when we all do better.

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We believe in the power of community and contribution.

At Media Law Group, we believe we are only as strong as the community we belong to. We work to create partnerships with collaborators and clients to strengthen our community for the benefit of all.


The fundraising model for Indie Musical Artists requires talented people to not only be creative but also understand finance and business development.

That’s why Media Law Group in partnership with Blue J Financial offers advisory and business planning services to help artists run their business like a business.


Sugarbird Marketing is a purpose-driven marketing and communications firm. Sugarbird Marketing offers a range of marketing and PR services to artists including media relations to support tours, music drops and live events. The team works with artists to refine their brand, brand message and their purpose. They develop high impact, engaging websites for artists that include social media integration, ecommerce, and immersive video.

Our tribe.

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King Youngblood  is a rising Seattle rock band whose lyrics are steeped in a youth driven understanding of the human struggle and the inevitable revelations that come from that struggle.  King Youngblood’s leader, Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones, is first and foremost a highly charged storyteller and showman.  The band pulls its sound from alt rock to progressive rock to jazz to soul and even classical music.


Nestled 20 minutes north of Seattle, with stunning views of the Puget Sound as a backdrop, Robert Lang Studios has worked with many greats in the music industry – from Nirvana, Dave Mathews, The Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie and Macklemore to new artists including Gypsy Temple & Scarlet Parke.


Very Juicy Records is a wholly owned subsidiary of Very Juicy Entertainment managed by award-winning producer Maurice Jones Jr.. Very Juicy Focuses on comprehensive musical artist development, production, distribution, and youth education. Very Juicy owns the world renowned Red Room Studio. Artists include Cameron Miles Lavi-Jones & Gypsy Temple, The Songcatchers, Tae Phoenix, and the Lara Lavi Band.


The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media is a national, nonprofit (501-c-3) organization founded in 1991 whose mission is to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children’s media.


Allied Arts Foundation (AAF) is a public nonprofit tax exempt 501c(3) organization which provides umbrella sponsorship to artists for singular or ongoing artistic projects. The Foundation also bestows yearly arts awards to talented students in each of metropolitan Seattle’s fourteen public high schools.


Dreaming in Color Entertainment (DICE) is a multimedia production company focused on film, television, streaming media, original projects, and franchised children projects led by two-time Grammy winner and attorney Lara Lavi. DICE’s projects in development include: Finding Barbra Benson, Trouble Man: The Story of Marvin Gaye, Live Stage Musical: Silent Until Now, The Songcatchers Documentary, and Little Dreamers: Lullabies and Love Songs for Children of All Ages.


The Washington Nightlife Music Association (MANMA) is comprised of independent music venues, local artist organizations and other music stakeholders and was created in response to the COVID-19 crisis to advocate for the survival of the Washington State Music Industry.  WANMA works in association with NIVA the National Independent Venue Association which is responsible for the national lobbying campaign #SaveOurStages  


Reopen Every Venue Safely  part of Music Cities Together -- a partnership between Music Policy Forum and Sound Music Cities -- launched Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS), a national campaign to develop and disseminate action plans and budgets rooted in a hyper-pragmatic understanding of the challenges ahead.


Hold Your Crown   is dedicated to dismantling stigma about youth mental illness and providing resources and a path of mental wellness for young people from high school through young adulthood.  Founded by Cameron Lavi-Jones the founder and leader of the rock band King Youngblood, Hold Your Crown uses the power of popular music and testimonial to gain the ear and trust of young people to help heal and educate.

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