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Lara Lavi, ESQ.


Down-to-earth business and legal advice when you need it most.


Turning passion into entrepreneurship

Since 1994, Media Law Group has provided legal counsel and business advice to artists, entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses. We have an integrated disciplinary approach through our national and international network of industry professionals, led by managing partner, Lara Lavi, ESQ.


Lara Lavi, ESQ.


Lara Lavi is attorney, an entrepreneur, an entertainment company executive, a film and TV producer & writer, and an award-winning singer-songwriter.  Her unique experience gives you the edge whether you’re starting a new company, working on a new album or growing your existing business. Lara and her team solve problems and create new opportunities as you work to take the next step.

Meet Lara.


In her own words, Lara Lavi introduces you to the work that Media Law Group does for clients.



Lara and her team look ahead to the newest and best legal and technology developments and business tools to help clients thrive in a dynamic market.


Media Law Group

Throughout her professional career, Lara has been the managing partner of Media Law Group, Inc., a boutique law firm that specializes in business and entertainment law with offices in Seattle and affiliate offices in New York, Los Angeles, Malta and London.  Lara is an active member of the Washington State Bar Association. Media Law Group’s clients are spread across North America and the world. Lara maintains contact through SKYPE and other online video platforms to assure she is always accessible to her clients.



Lara’s entrepreneurial experience gives her a deep understanding of the legal and business challenges and opportunities clients face.

Dreaming in Color Entertainment

Dreaming in Color Entertainment (DICE) was founded in 2004 to develop custom comics in collaboration with Marvel. Currently, Lara is working with Seattle Media Ventures to develop original scripts for streaming and network television.


As part of DICE, Lara served for two years, until August 2017, as the General Manager for Seattle’s historic nearly a century-old Columbia City Theater, building its revenue from a distressed business to a profitable business.

DICE along with Lara’s husband, award-winning producer Maurice Jones Jr., has a strategic alliance with the multi-gold and platinum music production facility Robert Lang Studios just north of Seattle.  Lara also serves as General Counsel for Mr. Lang and is helping him with all aspects of the studio’s business development and education programs.

Zing Revolution

Lara was the founding Managing Member and eventually the Executive Vice President of Business Development & Business Affairs for Zing Revolution, a leading manufacturer, marketer and fulfillment center for a unique product line that embraced pop culture with iconic branded images and consumer electronic devices. Lara raised $9.5 million dollars to launch and successfully develop Zing Revolution. In 2014, Lara orchestrated the lucrative merger/acquisition of Zing Revolution and then went on to start DICE.

WIDEawake Entertainment Group

Up until December 2009, Lara was the CEO and the Managing Partner of Toronto-based WIDEawake Entertainment Group Inc. She negotiated the company’s $18 million dollar acquisition of Death Row Records’ assets from a California bankruptcy. She then went on to raise $5 million through advances on sales and publishing to capitalize the company and orchestrate its successful acquisition by E-1 Entertainment.




Under the name Lara Lavi, concurrent with her business efforts, Lara, through the 1980s and 1990s, has also been an award-winning singer-songwriter signed to first Columbia Records and later A&M Records. These contracts were both for Lara as a solo artist and with her group, The SongCatchers, which she founded with Charles Neville, the saxophonist for the New Orleans based Neville Brothers.


For years, Lara has been a songwriter for Warner Chappel and is now published through Very Juicy Publishing.

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William Goldman 

William Goldman has a life time of experience with trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property protection for people in technology, commerce and entertainment.  He serves as Of Counsel to Media Law Group primarily to prepare and file Trademarks and brings a wealth of experience working with the US Trademark Office.  William loves music, especially going to hear live music.  .

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Lily Wecks

Corporate Paralegal

Lily Wecks is a consummate professional working in client outreach and corporate paralegal matters for Media Law Group.  When she is not helping our clients, Lily is working hard on her music career as a professional singer songwriter and recording artist.  Lily focuses on Client outreach and project management with a strong background in customer relations.  Her work background includes working with early stage service industry businesses that interface with the public.

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